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January 2019   Sales Update

January saw a very healthy home sales in all the areas we cover.  Below we have details of the numbers for the entire area along with the different towns.

The largest increase for homes is in the number of homes sold with a 16 % increase of homes sold in the entire area.    The Donnelly and Tamarack market saw the largest increase in homes sold with a 39% increase from 2017 to 2018!   The excitement of the new owners of Tamarack and the lower prices of homes in Donnelly drove this increase.   New Meadows was next with 14.25% increase,   McCall saw a 13% increase in home sales, Cascade had a 6.5 increase in homes sold.

Prices contained to go up as well, with a 10.30% increase in median sales price for the year in the entire area.    Donnelly and Tamarack are also the leader in price increase with 22.60% increase in sales for homes for 2018.   New Meadows sales prices increased 15.40%, McCall sale prices increased 13.60%, and Cascade median prices decreased by 13%.   Cascade is still the best prices for homes in the area.

Lot and land Sales also have an increase, however not as much of an increase compared to homes, with the market having an  11% increase in lots and land sales this past year with a 17% increase in prices over all.     Donnelly and Tamarack saw a large increase in land lot sales with a 24.6% increase from last year and McCall only had a 5% increase in sales.   New Meadows had a drop in lot sales of almost 32% from last year and is the only area to see a drop in sales for land and lots.

McCall had the second largest increase in prices with a 16.45% price increase for the year.

May Sales Update 2018

For the past 12 months we are seeing a steady pace of sales and price increases from month to month.   The past 12 months we have seen an increase in home sales around 14 % on average as compared to the 12 months before, and the prices have increased as well.   Lot and Land sales also saw a 15% increase in the number of lots sold.  However, the inventory of lots is still very plentiful  due in part to the high cost to build Buyers are looking to buy existing homes.

The market has seen homes sell in one day many times this past winter and we expect this market to continue to be hot thru 2018.

March Sales Update for March 2018

The sales continue to be strong in the areas we monitor with McCall having a big increase in home sales with a 19 percent increase in homes sold. This increase is the same we have seen the last few months with no sign of leveling off.   Prices continue to climb as well, with the average sale price increase of 13% for all the areas.   Here are the numbers for home sales.

Land sales saw increases however not as much as existing homes.  The main reason is the price to build is so high many buyers want to buy existing homes instead of the costs to build.   Here are the numbers for lot and land sales

February  2018 Sales Update

With the year 2017 in the books here is the latest data, with the sales volume seeing a steady increase the past year with almost an 18% increase in homes sold in 2017 as compared to 2016.   Also of note is the increase in higher-end sales mostly on Payette Lake and Whitetail.

Here is the info for February Home Sales

Lot and land sales are not as robust overall as the home sales, the main reason we believe is the high cost to build in 2017 kept many buyers bought existing homes instead of building.

The areas we report on are Donnelly, Tamarack Resort, McCall and the New Meadows area.  Upon request, we can get you data on other areas within our MLS.

December 2017 Sales Update

The year of 2017 will be called the year the market came back in the McCall Area.  For the areas, we review every month we have seen a continued   16% increase in Homes sold as compared to last year and a price increase of just under 12% this year and these numbers have been constant since April.     The average days on Market is also dropping with the average for homes at 169 days.

When you look at the markets we report Tamarack and Donnelly have seen the biggest growth with a 39% increase in homes sold in that area as compared to last year!

Sales Update for November 2017

We are continuing to see the market increase with a 12% increase in sales price for the entire marketwe cover, and a 16% increase in home sales in our area.This is constant with what we have seen the past 6 months when we compare to this to last year.

McCall saw a 10% increase in home sales with a 15.5% increase in sales price, this is due to the increased number of high priced sales on Payette lake.Just last month two homes sold for over $4 million on Payette lake. Visit our detailed blog post on the Payette Lake sales this past year click here.

Donnelly and Tamarack saw the largest increase in sale volume with a 58% increase in home sales!

For land sales we have a 21% increase in sales volume of lots and land sales, with an increase in sales price of 23%.New Meadows had two large parcels sell for over $1 million and also 2 Payette Lake Front lots that sold over $1 million, and a a eight acre parcel boarding Ponderosa State park that sold for $1,200,000 million for a total of 5 Land sales over $1 million.Last year two properties sold in the open auction on the lake for just over $1 million. 

Sales Update for October 2017

The number of sales continues to be on the fast pace we have seen all year.  The past 12 months as compared to the 12 months before we have a 21% increase in homes sold!   And with inventory continuing  to come on the market we can expect this trend to continue, however with the holiday season coming normally you see a slow down come November, maybe this year will be different with this hot market we are currently experiencing.  The Donnelly and Tamarack areas saw the biggest gains with a whopping 44% increase in sales.

Lots and land also saw an increase with a matching 21% increase in land sales, with Donnelly and Tamarack land and lot sales increased by 61%!

Below are the numbers for your review.

Sales Update September 2017

The number of sales this summer as compared to last summer for our entire area is 16% and this past 12 months compared to the 12 months before we have 9% increase in the number of sales of homes, cabins, and condos.  This proves we have a very healthy real estate market in the area.    Inventory of homes is steady with about 5 months supply still on the market.  We have seen a larger number of homes listed in August than last year mostly due to the strong market.

Lot and Land sales also saw an increase in sales volume with a 17% increase in sales.   Donnelly and Tamarack are the   big winners this year with home sales increasing 32% year over year!

Sales update for July 2017

Sales for the past year to date continue to be strong with homes sales up with about 6% increase year over year for the entire area and prices continue to increase as well.   The past 3 months as compared to the last three months of 2016 saw a 20 per cent increase, the same comparison from our last sales report showed a 30 per cent increase so the current sales pace is slowing down just a bit but still robust.

Lot sales are way up with a 24 % increase in sales volume as compared to last year.  We still have a large inventory of land for sale however and the days on market of one year for lot sales shows this large inventory will take some time to sell.

The hot spots in our market the last month is lower priced homes under $350,000 and lake front on Payette Lake with 3 pending on Payette Lake in the last 10 days!

Sales update for June 2017

The sales continue to be hot for home and land sales in the area, with a 30% increase in sales in the last 3 months as compared to the same 3 months in 2016.   With the sales push we are also seeing a increase in sales price as well.   Of note Tamarack Resort at this time has 18 pending sales of homes and lots up by over 60% from this time last year!

Here are the numbers for your review

Sales Update for May , 2017

The Market has really heated up the last four months for home sales with a 19% increase in home sales as compared to the first four months in 2016!  This is the largest jump in a short time frame we have seen since 2005 in our market and we expect this to continue thru the summer.    Most of this growth is due to a shortage of inventory, the hot market in Boise and the national attention McCall has received in magazines and on line travel articles.

For year to year comparison for sales numbers, McCall has a sales increase of 2% year over year, Tamarack and Donnelly has an increase of 16% and New Meadows has the strongest home sales with a 20% increase.   We also added the a comparison of the last four months for all areas to the report below for home sales that shows the 19% increase mentioned in the first paragraph.

Lot and Land sales continue to sell at a fast pace with a 21% increase in sales volume.      Here are the numbers below.

Sales Update for April 2017

Here is the current sales data for the past year for April 2017 looking back year over year.   The sales volume has increased by 6% for homes and the sales prices have increased by 15% year over year for homes.
Lot and land sales continue to show strong growth with a 20% increase in sales volume!  below is the numbers for your   review.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.19.20 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.20.07 PM

Sales Update for March 2017

Here is the current sales data for the past year for March 2017 looking back year over year.   The sales volume is pretty much even for homes sold year over year, however sales prices have increased by 15% year over year.
Lot and land sales continue to show strong growth with a 28% increase in sales volume!  Click the page below for the current numbers for your review.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 1.44.32 PM
Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 1.45.36 PM

Sales Update for February 2017

Here is the current sales data for the past year for February 2017 looking back year over year.   We have seen a small drop in homes that have sold in the area and we believe this is in part due to the harsh winter in Boise causing buyers not to visit from November till now.  The average sales price has also gone up and this always causes a slow down as well.  Last month we saw a 10 % increase in sales price and in one month the average sale price has increase to over 20% !   New Meadows continues to be show the largest share of growth not only in sales volume but prices as well with a 51% increase in sale price!

Land sales are up the most with an increase of 26% in sales volume!   Prices have gone down due to two large sales on vacant land if you take those two out of the sales number we see an increase of 9% in sales price.

Here are the numbers for your review

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.14.00 AM

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.55.34 AM

Sales update for January 2017

We ended the year with good sales numbers with a increase in prices and sales volume in most areas and types of real estate.

There is a small increase in sales volume for homes however almost a 10 per cent increase in sales price  for our entire area for homes.  Lots and land sales are way up with a 21 % increase in sales volume!  Here are the numbers below for your review.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.21.40 PM

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 9.09.04 AM

Sales Update for the Month of December 2016

The growth in sales volume for existing homes has continues to be steady for our area the last 3 months with an 8.4% increase in sales year over year and now we are see a increase of 10 %  in sales price as well.   McCall and New Meadows have the strongest growth, McCall has a 7.3 increase in sales price and New Meadows has seen an increase in sales price of 30%!

Land and lot sales are also on the rise with a 14.8 % increase in sales volume for the entire areas.   Here are the numbers for your review.

Sales Update for the Month of November 2016

We continue to see the local Real Estate market on the same path as last month with a 6.4%  increase in sales volume for the entire area.  McCall area saw a 10.6 increase in sales volume with New Meadows showing a 18 % increase!

Land sales also are on the rise in volume with a 6.2% increase in sale volume and just over 5% increase in price.  Take a look below at the numbers for the market and the areas we cover, McCall, Donnelly, Tamarack and New Meadows.



Sales Update for the Month of October 2016

Looking back at the last 12 months of sales, the large increase in home sales volume we have seen in August and September has now decreased to a 6.1% increase for all areas. However, Donnelly and Tamarack continue to be lagging in sales volume, though that gap is starting to close as well. With the good news out of Tamarack, we expect the next year to see a sales increase in Tamarack and the rest of Donnelly.

Sales prices have increased 6.1 % over all, with McCall seeing a 8.3 increase in sales volume, and New Meadows seeing the largest increase in sales volume with prices at a 18% increase in sales volume and a 11% increase in sales price for homes!  

Land sales continue to grow in volume with a 13.5 % increase in sales, with prices rising very slightly at 1.3% over all.   Here are the numbers below.



Sales update for the month of September 2016 Year to Date

Looking back at the last 12 months and comparing to the 12 months before we saw an increase of sales volume for the area of 9.8% and in McCall 15% and New Meadows at 17% with a 16% price increase in the New meadows Area!  For lot sales we saw an overall increase of 20 % in sales volume with almost 25 % increase in price.  The big winner for areas showing the most growth in sales for both land and homes is McCall from Lake Fork to Brundage Mountain  ski resort.

Here are the numbers for review.



Sales Update for the month of August 2016 Year to Date

Sales continue to show strong signs of growth in Sales Volume.  For this month we also ran the numbers for lots and land as well.   For the areas we report on we have seen a 9.45 % increase in sales volume with a 4.41% increase in sales price for homes and the McCall area saw a 20% increase in sales volume!

Here are the numbers

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.58.07 AM

Here is the report on lot and land sales up to August 1, 2016, with an 8.71 % increase in sales volume.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.55.28 AM

Sales Update for the month of July 2016 for Year to Date

This month we are looking back 12 months and see what our long-term trends are.   Sales are up if you take out the State Auction properties that sold in the past two years.  Since the current lease holder buys those, for the most part, those sales when taken out show the market gaining strength.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.37.50 PM


Sales Update thru April 1, 2016

Residential Sales

001 (2)

The following areas were not affected by the State Auction property.


Lots and Land Sales

Year over Year Comparison and First Quarter Sales



Sales Update for January 2016

Due to the in depth report we did last month we are just putting up the basic sales info for this past month with year to date sales.   We have added a new section to compare price ranges and we will start out with that.  The good news is that sales are up from last year to date both in sales numbers and average sale price.  Here are the reports

Sales Update for 2015

2015 saw continued strength in our residential sales in the area.   The numbers for the McCall area reflect some sales from the State of Idaho Auction for the state lease land.  Since almost each one of the sales was to the current lease holder  these might be not be considered a true reflection of our market.   So for a more  in-depth look at the numbers,  I have shown total sales and then sales without the State Land Sales.  Many of those sales were not lake front property which of course were a much lower sale price then the lake front, so the average sales price did not change much as compared to sales volume.    McCall saw a 8.5% increase in sales for 2015 if you take out the State Auction property.

Here is the chart showing sales for 2015 for the entire area we look at and McCall and comparing those numbers to 2014.


Here is the data for the rest of the Residential Sales by area comparing 2015 to 2014.  The biggest changes were in New Meadows, which saw a 12% decrease in sales volume  from last year for homes, and Tamarack was the winner with  a 25 % increase in sales for homes and cabins!


Lot and Land Sales Date for 2015

Land sales saw a decline over all for our areas with the exception of Tamarack which had the same number of land sales year over year.  However days on market dropped by 32 per cent and the average sale price increased as well.    With a higher sale price I feel that the sales volume for land will not increase until land prices either stabilize or drop  in price or building costs do the same.